Zama Organics

“Zama” means tranquillity in Sanskrit. This is reflected in our ethos – to nurture peace in the body and mind by way of clean eating. Our belief is simple – the food we eat directly impacts how we feel.

Working directly with passionate farmers and artisans across India, we are committed to sourcing only the highest quality organic produce.

Join us in our journey as we impact hundreds of farmer lives while celebrating the simple joy of eating healthier and tastier produce. 

Organic Vegetables


Let’s be kind to our bodies, community, and our planet


The term ‘organic’ refers to anything that is grown as nature intended, without any chemicals, pesticides, or toxins. By choosing to go organic, you are making a conscious decision to adopt a healthier lifestyle – limiting your exposure to toxins that are commonly found in conventionally grown produce. Organic crops are grown in biologically active soils in the absence of pesticides, resulting in healthy produce with high levels of essential nutrients, minerals and antioxidants..

Additionally, organic farming practices are far more gentle on the environment. Organic farmers have spent decades developing natural farming techniques like tilling and crop rotation that respects nature, consciously taking strides to build healthy soil, conserve water, and even combat the effects of global warming.

At Zama Organics, we are committed to providing 100% authentically grown organic produce. While we are organically certified traders and only partner with organically certified farmers ( NPOP, PGS, Ecocert), we feel it is important to go beyond the paperwork to ensure the produce you receive is naturally grown in the absence of harmful chemicals. Some of the steps we undertake include regularly visiting our farmers and farms, conducting random internal checks on our produce, and working to maintain transparency of our entire operations process.